Concurrency Design and Practice (occam-pi version)

A short course at SEI/CMU, October – November, 2007.


Teaching Resources:

    [All Kent teaching materials linked below are GNU Copyleft the authors – you are invited to use them for teaching or learning. However, if you do, please give us some feedback. Thanks, Peter Welch <>.]

  • Lecture slides (PPT and PDF)
  • occade library for arcade games (HTML)
  • LoVE library for Midi and audio live mixing (HTML)
  • FDR – model checker for CSP (HTML)
  Peter Welch
  (Updated 17th. May, 2012)

All University of Kent software/learning products relating to occam-pi, JCSP, CHP and C++CSP
are open-sourced under GPL or LGPL

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