Title: the name of the refactoring

Identity: Its unique identifier, and the name of the file containing it.
Category: Links to the categories to which the refactoring belongs.
Classifiers: Keywords
Internal cross references:
External cross references: Cross references outside this catalogue, e.g. to Fowler's refactorings
Language: Which language(s) does this apply to? The answer tends to be 'Haskell', indicating that we're sure that it can be applied to Haskell programs, rather than meaning that it applies exclusively to Haskell.


A short description of the refactoring.

Example code
  Before the left -> right refactoring
  After the right -> left refactoring 

Example code
  Before the right -> left refactoring
  After the left -> right refactoring 

General comment:

General comments, including a discussion of the mechanism of the refactoring.

Left to right comment:

Comments on the left -> right refactoring.

Right to left comment:

Comments on the right -> left refactoring.

Left to right conditions:

Conditions on the left -> right refactoring

Right to left conditions:

Conditions on the right -> left refactoring

Analysis required:

What sort of analysis is required to check the conditions for the refactoring?