Getting Started


First you need to download and install Wrangler: details of this are on the home page. All the details of getting Wrangler running are further down this page.

The system is documented: this tells you about all the refactorings and other facilities. You can read it here. Installation instructions are further down this page.

You can see some introductory presentations about using Wrangler here.

  1.     Improving your (test) code with Wrangler

  2.     Hands-on Refactoring with Wrangler

Finally, you can take a look at the videos about Wrangler, available from the home page.


With Emacs in Mac OS X and Linux

Follow the INSTALL file from the repository.

Running Wrangler in Emacs

Load a .erl file.

Start/stop using

    Ctrl-C, Ctrl-R

To undo any refactoring type

    Ctrl-C, Ctrl-_

To configure the search directories, select the Customize Wrangler menu option.

With Emacs in Windows

Requires Erlang release R14 and above + Emacs

Download installer

No more action required.

Eclipse + ErlIDE

On Windows systems, use a path with no spaces in it.

Install Eclipse, if you didn't already.

All the details at

How do I get started with Wrangler?