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Head of Group Alex Freitas   Seminar Organiser Marek Grzes
Academic Staff Primary Research Interests
David Barnes I am interested in computational modelling of biological systems and developing software for visualising NMR data.  
Howard Bowman Computational Modelling of Cognition, Connectionism, Human Attention, Emotions and Reasoning.  
Srivas Chennu Neurodynamics of consciousness, computational modelling of predictive neural networks, and translational neuroscience.
Dominique Chu Computational systems biology and simulation of biological systems.  
Alex Freitas Data mining, machine learning, evolutionary algorithms (mainly genetic programming), ant colony optimization, bioinformatics and the biology of ageing.  
Marek Grzes Artificial intelligence, decision-theoretic planning, probabilistic reasoning, and their applications to intelligent systems for people with cognitive disabilities, natural language processing and chatbots, tutoring systems, and games.  
Colin Johnson Bioinformatics, computational modelling of biological systems, scientific computing; computer systems inspired by nature, e.g. genetic algorithms, genetic programming (including connections with programming language theory) and neural networks; media technologies.  
Anna Jordanous Computational Creativity, Music Informatics, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Modelling, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Ontologies, Digital Humanities.  
Michael Kampouridis Computational finance, financial forecasting, algorithmic trading, weather derivatives, machine learning, genetic programming.  
Peter Kenny Scientific image processing, especially volumetric and multi-spectral data; video-realistic computer animation, especially virtual humans; bio-inspired computation.  
Caroline Li My main area of research is in brain signal processing and its applications. I also work on signal processing methods.  
Fernando Otero Data mining, machine learning, ant colony optimization, genetic programming and bioinformatics.  
Peter Rodgers Visual aspects of diagrams including: graph drawing algorithms; schematic layout methods; Venn and Euler diagram generation techniques.  
Postgraduate Students Primary Research Interests
Adesola Adegboye Financial forecasting, directional changes, algorithmic trading, genetic programming.
Robin Ayling  
Lisa Bonheme  
Theophile Champion  
James Fairfax  
Jakub Fil  
Omid Hajilou  
Kathryn Harris EEG, deception detection, Fringe-P3 method.
Lee Harris  
Mahan Hosseini  
Huy Le Hguyen  
Peter Lloyd Information design, metro maps and diagrams, usability of maps and diagrams, geographic information systems.
Sergey Ovchinnik  
Tossapol Pomsuwan Data mining, particularly classification, and applications to ageing-related data.
Caio Robeiro  
Piotr Sawicki  
Wenbo Zhang  

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