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  • Head of group: Palaniappan Ramaswamy
  • Seminar Organiser: Michael Kampouridis

    Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that utilises computing technology to derive obvious and non-obvious relationships in data by developing the appropriate scientific algorithms and implementation of these methods to extract useful knowledge or insights from the data. The focus of the Data Science Research Group at Kent is to apply the techniques such as signal processing, machine learning, security and statistics in an impactful manner to benefit the wider public. Our research is cross-disciplinary involving schools such as Business, Computing, Engineering, Pharmacy, Psychology, Sociology and Sports Science.

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    Areas of Research Activity

    Members are engaged in the following areas of research:

    • Biomedical signal analysis for applications such as  affective and brain-computer-interfacing, biometrics, cardiovascular diagnosis, mental disorders (minimally conscious, Parkinson etc) and virtual reality;
    • Financial econometrics and time-series modelling and forecasting such as the estimation of declining social discount rate for intergenerational cost-benefit analysis;
    • Speech and audio signal processing with embedded system designs for applications related to hearing and communications;
    • Computational intelligence techniques (like ant colony optimisation, evolutionary algorithms and artificial neural networks) for business-related problems such as weather derivative and algorithmic trading;
    • Supervised machine learning algorithms to analyse biological data such as the biology of ageing and pharmacokinetics;
    • Computational creativity, semantic web, and natural language processing for applications such as music informatics, digital humanities and knowledge modelling;  
    • Memristor technology for data storage, cloud and green computing;
    • Parallel and stream data processing;
    • Cryptology, steganography and steganalysis;
    • Text mining and machine learning, intelligent information retrieval, web mining, reasoning under uncertainty.

    Recent News

    • April 2019: Want to join us as a Lecturer in Computing? More details here.
    • September 2018: Two Research Associates (postdoctoral researchers) openings in our group. More details here.
    • May 2018: Want to join us? We are looking for a new member in our research group. Details here.
    • May 2018: Dr Srivas Chennu will be joining The Alan Turing Institute for Data Science as a visiting researcher.
    • April 2018: Dr Palani has been appointed as Visiting Professor in the prestigious Electrical Engineering Department (currently ranked 23 in the world), University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • Dec 2017: We have a new Lecturer in our group, Dr Shoaib Jameel, who joined us from Cardiff University.
    • Dec 2017: Read Dr Chennu's article on Artificial Intelligence and healthcare at The Conversation.
    • May 2017: A research grant awarded by the EPSRC will fund Dr. Chennu's MOHAWK project.
    • Mar 2017: Dr Palani featured in the EEG biometric research aired on BBC News South East.
    • Jan 2017: Dr Srivas Chennu provided expert commentary to ITV News at Ten about a high-profile study on a new brain-computer interfacing technology that enabled communication with completely locked-in patients.
    • Dec 2016BBC Radio 4 commisioned a documentary highlighting Dr Chennu's research into developing bedside assessment for patients in vegetative and minimally conscious states. Listen to it here
    • Dec 2016: Dr Ramaswamy has delivered two courses on biomedical signals to colleagues in two Indian universities as part of an initiative to elevate India’s scientific and technological capacity to global excellence. For details, see here.
    • Oct 2016: Dr Anna Jordanous’s work on modelling creativity (with Bill Keller, published in PLOS ONE) has been featured in articles on the World Economic Forum website, as well as news sources such as La Repubblica (Italy) DeMorgen (Belgium), Atlantico (France) and other media outlets such as the Psychology today blog. For details, see here.
    • July 2016: Professor Ian McLoughlin publishes Speech and Audio Processing: a Matlab-based approach, Cambridge University Press, July 2016, ISBN 978-1107085466.


Privacy and the AI-enabled smartphone spy Professor Ian McLoughlin from the School of Computing Data Science Research Group has written an article for The Conversation on what AI-enabled smartphones can learn from the sound of your speech. The vast majority of people in developed countries now carry a smartphone everywhere. And while many of us are already well aware of privacy issues associated with smartphones, like their ability to track our movements or even take surreptitious photos, an increas...

28 November 2018

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PhD student wins 2nd prize at London Hopper Colloquium PhD student, Joanna Sharrad, recently won 2nd place in the Research Spotlight Competition at the British Computing Society’s London Hopper Colloquium, and was presented with a certificate and £100. The Research Spotlight competition focuses on women research masters students and PhD students, providing them with a friendly forum for communicating the essence of their work via short presentations to other postgraduate students and postdoc’s....

30 October 2018

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Visit from Vietnamese bank BCS/BIDV The School of Computing was honoured to receive the CEO, Head of Research and six other visitors from BCS/BIDV bank (Vietnam) on Friday 14 September 2018, and also the CEO of WealthObjects Ltd to discuss potential collaborations in the areas of financial forecasting and financial securities. The School of Computing was represented by Dr Michael Kampouridis, Professor Ian McLoughlin, and PhD student Mr Lam Pham. During the meeting, Dr Kampouridis presented th...

21 September 2018

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