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Our Team and What They Do


Head of Group Palaniappan Ramaswamy  Seminar organiser Michael Kampouridis

Academic Staff

Research Interests

Howard Bowman

Human attention; Emotions; Reasoning; Connectionist modelling; Symbolic modelling; EEG recording and analysis methods; Formal methods; Concurrency theory.

Srivas Chennu

Computational neuroscience; Neural networks; Consciousness; Electroencephalography; Brain-computer interfacing.

Professor Alex Freitas

Data mining; Knowledge discovery; Classification methods for the Biology of Ageing; Protein function prediction and Pharmacokinetics; Biologically-inspired algorithms (Evolutionary Algorithms and Ant Colony Optimisation).

Shoaib Jameel

Probabilistic graphical models; Approximate posterior inference; Bayesian nonparametric statistics; Probabilistic topic modelling; Web search and information retrieval; Natural language processing; Word vector models; Machine learning for information retrieval; Online social networks and urban human computing; Text readability; Text summarization

Tomas Petricek

Programming languages and tools for data science; Data-driven storytelling, data journalism and data visualization; Programming language design and functional programming; History and philosophy of computing

Anna Jordanous

Computational creativity (particularly with music/language) and its evaluation; Music Informatics; Cognitive modelling; Knowledge modelling and Information Retrieval; Machine learning and data mining; Natural language processing/computational linguistics; Digital humanities; Semantic web and linked data.

Michael Kampouridis

Machine learning; genetic programming; financial engineering; financial forecasting; algorithmic trading; weather derivatives.

Caroline Li

EEG; EMG; body sensor; biomarker; Alzheimer's disease; Epilepsy; wavelets; Hilbert transform; time-frequency analysis; phase synchrony; BCI; adaptive filtering; SVM.

Professor Ian McLoughlin

Speech; Audio; Hearing; Embedded systems; Machine learning; Machine hearing; Smart homes and cities; Audio monitoring; Speech reconstruction, Silent speech interfaces

Matteo Migliavacca

Parallel data processing; Stream processing and publish subscribe middleware in large scale and cloud scenarios; Security; Secure event processing; Runtime taint tracking; Information flow control from Java, PHP and Erlang.

Fernando Otero

Data mining; Machine learning; Ant colony optimization, Genetic programming; Bioinformatics.

Palaniappan Ramaswamy

Biomedical signal processing; Electrophysiological analysis (mental and cardiovascular disorders – stress management, Parkinson’s, vegetative state, ectopic heart beats); Brain-computer interface; Time-series analysis; Biometrics; Machine learning.

Frank Wang Big Data; Data Storage via memristor; Cloud Computing; Brain-like Computer; Green Computing

Postgraduate students

Research topic

Adesola Adegboye

Financial forecasting, directional changes, algorithmic trading, genetic programming.

James Brookhouse  Data mining, regression, ant colony optimization.
Sam Cramer

Rainfall weather derivatives

Fabio Fabris

Data mining, particularly hierarchical classification, and applications to the biology of ageing. 

Omid Hajilou  
Kathryn Harris

EEG, deception detection, Fringe-P3 method.

Ayah Mohamed Helal

Data mining, online classification, data streams, ant colony optimization.

William Jones

Modelling attention, conscious and short term memory. A particular emphasis on the RSVP paradigm. 

Surej Mouli

Steady state visual evoked brain-computer interface design.

Tossapol Pomsuwan

Data mining, particularly classification, and applications to ageing-related data.

Thomas Sloan

Video Steganogarphy and Steganalysis.

Tristan Strange

Computational creativity, evolutionary computing, software self-evaluation.

Adrien Witon

Neuro-marker finding using EEG and other brain imaging techniques to detect mental states (i.e. mental fatigue). 

Alexia Zoumpoulaki  

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