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 * fetrans15:
   * '''name''': remove lonely names (discarded expressions, particularly from '''instance''' fiddling in fetrans1).

NOCC: Guppy Implementation

This page contains some notes about the Guppy implementation within NOCC. There is no formal language documentation, yet. There is some informal documentation here: http://frmb.org/guppy.html.

fetrans spaghetti

Guppy adds a couple of extra front-end passes to the compiler, that do much of the work of transforming the Guppy language structure into something that can be code-generated into C (assuming the default CCCSP back-end). All of the front-end transforms are done target-unaware. Back-end transforms are used in one or two places to handle things prior to name-mapping (where most of the target-dependent stuff happens).

  • fetrans:
    • par: create process abstractions and instances for parallel processes.

    • fcndef: create process abstraction of function if needed (result-less processes only).

  • fetrans1:
    • alt: create temporary to hold selected guard index.

    • fcndef: parameterise results.

    • instance: pull apart into temporaries and assignments.

    • cflow: turn return statements into assignments and return.

    • io: create temporaries for non-addressable things (typically constants and expressions).

    • litstring: create temporary.

  • fetrans15:
    • name: remove lonely names (discarded expressions, particularly from instance fiddling in fetrans1).

  • fetrans2:
    • assign: from instance, push LHS into result parameters.

  • fetrans3:
    • io: dismantle complex outputs into sequenced events.

    • alt: breaks into alt then choice on selection.

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