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Have you ever wondered what a robot is? And if there are types of robots WITHOUT arms and legs? This presentation, created by the Undecided, is going to show you some robots that don’t have arms and legs.

Aquabatic Swimming: Totally simple and totally cool - a small DC motor and one AA battery snapped inside a bright yellow body with a propeller. Twist the body for on/off, drop it in the bath, pond or pool and watch it go. This simple robot rolls and spins, and climbs dives and goes all over the place.

We played with it (I mean tested it) in the pool for over an hour, some water leaked inside (after all it swam to the bottom many times) but did no damage and it kept on running!

Owl Robot:

This robot is a real hoot! The Owl Robot resembles our wise old friend in both looks and its range of cleverly designed motions. This robot can do it all: bow, stride, peck, nod, skip and even slide.

The Owl, like the Inch Worm Robot, utilizes four RC servo motors and is controlled by a MR-SERVO8 CPU board. This board has an In-System Programming (ISP) function, which means that users can download a program to the robot without a ROM Writer. A free C-compiler (WinAVR) is also available.

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