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How do I pass my course?

In order to pass your programme you must attain the credits required for that programme by completing modules with a mark of at least 40% (or 50% if you're studying M level modules). Each year is worth 120 credits, if you do not attain these you may have to retake modules or the entire year.

In order to attain particular classifications you need to acheive a certain percentage overall.

  • 40 to 49% - Third
  • 50 to 59% - 2:2
  • 60 to 69% - 2:1
  • 70% and above - First

What are the module weightings?

Modules can be worth 15, 30 or 60 credits. This builds towards the necessary credit score for each particular year.

Within the modules themselves, the weighting between coursework and examination is entirely dependent on the module.

For more information please go to the module catalogue. Once you find the module you're looking for, you can find the weightings under the tab "Method of assessment".

Where are the teaching rooms?

The teaching rooms for each campus can be found through the timetabling office. Once there, select the tab refering to your campus and read through the list. Alternatively you can search for a specific room.

Who teaches my modules?

Modules are taught by a variety of different lecturers. To find out who these are go to Moodle and either search for a specific module or, if you are registered, click on the module you want information on. Class supervisors may be added later in the term than the lecturers.

Where can I find past exam papers?

Exam papers for previous year's examinatons are available to all students. The easiest way to access these for school based papers is via the past examinations page. A full listing is also available on the Templeman library examination page.

Where can I find exam rubrics?

Exam rubrics can be found in the list of links on the assessment and examinations page.

Where can I find my exam timetable?

Exam timetables can be found via the Student Data System, similar to weekly timetables.

Where can I find out about library based services?

The libraries at the university offer a range of services, the best way to find out about these is to visit the library services page. Alternatively you can ask at the library reception and your query will be answered. For information specifically on print credits, copying and scanning please see printing, copying and scanning.

How can I find my way around?

If you need directions around either campus you can view these by going to the campus maps page. At the Canterbury campus the more complex buildings have maps easily visible near the main entrance. Each campus also has clear signposting. If in doubt, ask!

How do I get around the Cornwallis building?

Areas of the Cornwallis building are home to the School of Computing but it can be confusing to navigate. Below is a map.

A 2D map of the Cornwallis building

How do I submit coursework?

For each module coursework must be submitted in both an electronic and physical format. When handing in physical copies you must fill in a cover sheet and include your name and login on each page.

For some modules you may need to submit your coursework to Moodle but more likely you will have to submit through raptor (your lecturer will tell you which folder to submit to). If you are having trouble submitting coursework contact your module conveiner before the deadline.

Your lecturer should give you all of the necessary details, these should also be present on the module's Moodle page.

How can I learn about plagairism?

Plagairism is taken very seriously in the school. If you have questions or need more information on the subject please see our plagairism FAQ page.

Can I switch modules or programme?

In certain scenarios it iis possible to switch modules or programme. If you would like more information please see the programmes and modules page. Alternatively speak to your academic advisor.

Also be aware that in some scenarios it is not possible to switch to particular programmes within the School. For more on this please see information for undergraduates.

How do I register for modules and projects?

You can register for modules as well as projects through the programmes and modules page. If you have no options you will be automatically registered for all modules to be undertaken that year.

Who is my academic adviser?

If you do not know who your academic adviser is the easiest way to find out is to log into the Student Data System (SDS). Your adviser will be listed on the opening page, along with your details and year of study.

Can I change my academic adviser?

Yes, if you wish to change academic adviser speak with your senior lecturer. They are:

  • Canterbury - Janet Carter (
  • Medway - Yang He (

How do I get a student status letter?

You can get a student status letter from the administration office in Canterbury or from the central administration in Medway (in Medway you can also ask Janine Jarvis). For more information please see status letters.

Where can I get a council tax exemption letter?

You can find information on council tax exemption from student record's services for current students page.

Where can I get a timesheet?

You can get a timesheet from various places, the easiest being the Pay Office in Canterbury (C-2, Darwin College) or Janine Jarvis in Medway. On most occaisions you will be provided with a timesheet to fill in. Each department will have timesheets available.

Below is the timesheet used within the School.

I've lost something on campus

If you have lost something on the university campus you may be able to retrieve it through the campus watch as they store all lost property. For more information please see the campus watch.

Where is the placement office?

If you plan on going on a placement, or are currently on placement you may find it useful to know where the placement co-ordinators are based:

Room G01b on the ground floor of Cornwallis South at the Canterbury campus (through the main doors and turn left at the foot of the stairs).

They are also regularly at the Medway campus. If you would like to make an appointment with them, email

Where can I find forms for concessions, intermission etc?

You can find many useful forms on the assessment and examination page.

Can I book a room?

Yes, in particular scenarios it is possible for students to book rooms. For more information please see student bookings on the timetabling office page.

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