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Health and safety at Medway

On this page you'll find health and safety information regarding Medway which you may have read during the presentations in induction week. For for further information on health and safety at the university please see the Safety, health and environment unit

Fire safety

On hearing a fire alarm:

  • Close windows
  • Leave building by nearest exit
    • Close doors behind you
    • Do not use the lift
    • Do not run
  • Assemble on the bridge opposite Gillingham Building
  • Do not re-enter building until authorised to do so

Wheelchair users

  • There are clearly signposted "Safe Areas" where you can stay safely if there is a fire elsewhere in the building.
  • Nearby there is a Help Point (an intercom) connected directly to Campus Watch so that you can tell them where you are. They will then pass this information on the fire service who will arrange for your safe evacuation.
  • Do not try to help a wheelchair user down the stairs – you don’t have the training or the equipment.

If you discover a fire

  • First, set off alarm (by breaking “glass” of a call point)
  • Then phone extn 3333 to give details of location
  • Finally, leave the building

Accidents and health

  • Contact Security on 3333 (Not 999)
    • They are all qualified first aiders
    • They will call any necessary emergency services, and direct them to the correct area
  • Names and contact details of qualified first-aiders in the building are posted on notice boards
  • First-aid kit is kept in the kitchen
  • All accidents (even minor ones!) must be reported straightaway using a Green Form, available from Janine Jarvis in M3-14
  • Contact Janine for advice if you have any problems. Don’t delay!
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere within the university buildings

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