Moving Your Mailstore

What is a mailstore?

A mailstore is the place in which your mail lives. All new mail is delivered to this place, and your mail client reads mail from it. By default at Kent your mailstore will be on either Live@Edu (for undergraduates or taught postgradutes) or ConnectMail (for staff and research postgraduates).

Staff and research postgraduates using myrtle have the option of delivering the mail straight to myrtle. This means that as email comes in to the Kent mail servers it'll be directed straight on to our machines.

Reasons why to change

Moving your mailstore is a relatively simple process, but why would you want to do this? Here are some of the benefits, and downsides, to changing your mailstore to a CS server.

Downsides to moving

  • Quota - there is a limit to the amount of mail that can be stored.
  • Calendar - you lose access to the University calendaring system within Outlook/Exchange.
  • There are also some issues with moving; some Outlook clients cache the old internal location and won't be able to send you email for a while.

Benefits of moving

  • Flexibility - if you wish you can make customisations to how your mail is stored and delivered (filtering, forwarding, etc).
  • Unix Access - you can directly access your mail folders from unix, so you can more easily use unix mail clients.

How to change a mailstore to a CS server

The first step is to make sure you know your CS password - this is the password your normally use to log in to your CS server. You can follow the instructions here to get a password, or you can contact us.

The next step is to log in to your CS server. This document shows you how to do this using Putty for raptor - just change raptor to myrtle.

Once you are logged in to the CS server type this at the prompt:

mailinfo -C
The move will be started and will then need to contact us. Don't worry, no email will be lost during the move. Until we get back to you your email will continue to be delivered to your old mail store.

The next step is to add a new account to your mail client. This is usually straightforward. Find the section for adding a new account, usually located under the settings area. When prompted enter your name, e-mail address, and your CS server. It's recommended that you use IMAP rather than POP3.

Changing back

If you want to backout you can change back to the central services by emailing helpdesk, or by contacting us for assistance.