Secure Services


If you connect to CS systems from off campus using telnet or ftp, or pull your email from a CS server such as raptor from off campus using either pop or imap then you need to read this.

Quick Start

To get started quickly, just select the relevant links in this list :-

Secure alternative to unencrypted services

If you use telnet or ftp on your windows machine you'll need to use one of these applications. PuTTY is an SSH client and acts as a secure alternative to telnet. WinSCP is an SCP client and acts as a secure alternative to ftp.

We also have mindterm which is a web-based alternative to telnet and PuTTY. Click the link below to get started.

If you're using Linux, BSD, or something other unix based system you can use ssh and scp (part of OpenSSH) to do both of the above. Documentation on them can be found here :-

Using secure e-mail

The documents below show you how to set up your system to use SSL encrypted e-mail. We only have instructions for the commonly used mail clients, but we expect other mail clients to be fairly similar to setup.

Please note that the main reason for using an SSL connection to pull your email is to ensure that your login and password are encrypted during transmission. The actual messages are also encrypted during transmission, but only during transmission. Once your email has been pulled the messages are, once more, unencrypted and as such are still potentially readable by anyone with sufficient system privileges.

For windows systems you'll first need to tell windows to trust our SSL certificates :-

Then setup your windows mail client :-

Linux, BSD, and other unix users might use fetchmail :-

Eudora users might find these external documents useful :-