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Choosing your programme

You can choose from a wide variety of degree programmes ranging from the more technical Computer Science courses through to the broader Computing degrees, all of these can be taken as four-year programmes with a Year in Industry.

To make sure you choose the right degree, we give you the freedom to switch between closely related courses in the early stages of your studies. In your first year, a major part of your studies is concerned with learning how to program in an object-oriented language; however no previous programming experience is required.

If you are undecided between studying computing and another subject, you may wish to consider the Year in Computing as an addition to another degree subject at the University of Kent.

Computer Science programmes

View the Computer Science course booklet (pdf)

These degrees focus on the technical aspects of computing. The programmes are all taught at the Canterbury campus, with the exception of Computer Science for Health, which is based at the Medway campus.

You can study Computer Science as a ‘general’ degree and as a ‘themed’ degree. With the general degree you take a broad range of core modules in your first and second years and can select from a variety of options in your final year of study. If you want to keep your options open, then the general form of the degree is for you.

The themed degree has a subject focus which appears in the degree title.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Consultancy
  • Networks
  • for Health

You will still have a choice of module options in the final year but the compulsory modules will provide the focus of the subject. Having a themed degree in your CV identifies you as having greater knowledge in a particular area, and this may give you an advantage when you look for work after graduation. If you have a special interest that you would like to pursue, then a themed degree is for you.

Computer Science

Computer Science with a Year in Industry

This general degree covers the core subjects of program design and implementation using Java, and software engineering, as well as offering a broad range of computer science topics including operating systems, computer architectures, computer security, databases and the web.

Computer Science for Health

Computer Science for Health with a Year in Industry

You learn the skills to participate in the healthcare technology revolution, apply your expertise in assistive technology projects, develop the next generation of fitness tracking apps or contribute to future NHS software systems. The knowledge you gain in core fundamentals will also open doors to careers across the entire span of computer science disciplines.

Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with a Year in Industry

This degree covers the core elements of computer science as well as a broad range of AI techniques, including neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms, which draw on philosophy and psychology.

Computer Science (Consultancy)

Computer Science (Consultancy) with a Year in Industry

This degree covers the core elements of computer science and offers practical consultancy work as a student consultant in the KITC.

Computer Science (Networks)

Computer Science (Networks) with a Year in Industry

This degree covers the core elements of computer science and looks at computer systems, communication, security and cryptography.


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Computing and Business Information Technology

View the Computing and Business Information Technology course booklet (pdf)

We offer a broad-based computing programme, along with degrees that allow you to specialise in specific areas. To decide which programme is most relevant to your interests, see below. All of these programmes are delivered at the Medway campus and can be taken as four-year programmes with a Year in Industry.


Computing with a Year in Industry

This degree offers a broad base in computing skills, leading to a wide range of careers. In general the degree looks at software applications and how they might be used within an information system. You learn both object-oriented and web programming. You also learn how to design and use database systems and electronic communication systems. And you’re able to specialise in fields such as computer security, e-commerce, or consultancy.

Computing (Consultancy)

Computing (Consultancy) with a Year in Industry

Many modern businesses rely on the expertise of a computing or IT consultancy. To be successful, such a service requires a distinct set of abilities – good client management skills, an ability to recognise the needs of business and excellent IT skills. Therefore this degree covers a broad range of computing modules as well as business modules taught by Kent Business School.

Practical consultancy skills are developed by working within a small, real-life consultancy business, the KITC. This is run by students and supervised by professional consultants. Students take responsibility for development of the business, but its strategic direction is provided by an advisory board with members from a number of prominent IT companies including IBM. Student consultants are involved in a wide range of projects, for example being part of a team that develops a commercial web application. Working in the KITC provides the opportunity to meet clients and manage projects as well as carrying out technical work.

Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology with a Year in Industry

Business and commerce rely heavily on information systems, especially now e-commerce is widespread. This degree provides a balance of business and information technology and responds to industry needs, enhancing your employment prospects. You learn to use current technology in communications, databases and web publishing, to analyse business problems and develop effective solutions.


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Year in Computing

You can take a Year in Computing if you are a current undergraduate student at the University of Kent, studying another non-computing degree programme. The Year in Computing is suitable for you if:

  • You interested in studying computing AND another subject
  • You would like to get prepared for a career in tech
  • You are interested in exploring the frontiers of another subject and computing
  • You want to learn how to be creative with computing.

You can only apply for the Year in Computing once you are a student at Kent.


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