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Doctoral symposium track – call for submissions


The goal of the Doctoral Symposium is to encourage PhD students in the field of software architecture to actively participate in and contribute to ECSA 2017. Students will be able to present their research goal, methods and preliminary results. They will interact closely with established researchers in their fields, receive feedback on their work and get advice on managing their research. The symposium will also help participants to establish a new research and social network of their peers in the field of software architecture.

Doctoral Symposium proceedings will be published in the ECSA 2017 Proceedings Companion Volume, and shall appear in the ACM Digital Library.


The technical scope of the Doctoral Symposium is that of ECSA 2017, as represented by the list of the topics in the ECSA 2017 call for papers. We encourage submissions from Ph.D. students both at early and advanced stages of their research. Based on the submissions, the committee will select a group of students that will be invited to participate in the program. Participants will be expected to take active part in all the Doctoral Symposium.


To participate at the Doctoral Symposium, students should prepare a submission package consisting of two parts, a research abstract and a letter of recommendation.

Part 1: Research summary paper. The paper (2-4 pages) should cover the following aspects:

  • The problem to be solved and its importance in the software architecture field;
  • Previous work which has addressed similar problems explaining why they have not been previously solved;
  • The proposed approach;
  • The expected results;
  • A plan for the evaluation of results.

Part 2: Letter of recommendation

  • The recommendation letter should be submitted directly by the advisors. The letter should include the submission number of the paper, the name of the candidate, the status of the dissertation research, and an expected date for the dissertation submission.

All contributions must be formatted according the ACM format and submission guidelines. Contributions should be submitted using the online submission site (EasyChair ECSA 2017 Doctoral Symposium Track).