Banner photography © Mark Wheadon

Workshop on Quantum CyberSecurity 2017

Quantum technologies — a fast becoming reality — have the potential to drastically reshape the digital security landscape, both in positive and negative ways.

Quantum algorithms, running on quantum computers, will be able to completely break the cryptography underpinning the vast majority of our current security infrastructure. Our digital security, privacy, and trust, are all under threat. And so are the vast services based on them: from digital banking, to the safety of medical records, to social media privacy.

On the other hand, quantum technologies can be harnessed to provide security, privacy, and trust far beyond any of today’s capabilities: from private channels secure against a combined attack from the rest of the Universe, to running programs on a remote server without disclosing to the server the input, output, nor algorithm run. These have the potential to drastically change how we store, process, and communicate data in a secure fashion, and also raise deep and important ethical and legal questions.