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Object-Oriented Programming with Java:
An Introduction

by David J. Barnes
Published by Prentice-Hall

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Welcome to This Site

This site contains materials associated with my book: Object-Oriented Programming with Java: An Introduction, ISBN: 0-13-086900-7, published by Prentice-Hall (a division of Pearson Education). The book is based upon the Java 2 Platform.

From the Preface

This book is designed for those readers who wish to start learning to program in an object-oriented programming language. It has been designed primarily as a first programming text. It is also suitable for those who already have some experience with another programming language, and who now wish to move on to an object-oriented one. Indeed, much of the material is based on courses delivered by the author to students with a wide range of both non-programming and programming backgrounds.

The book is 1028 pages long and contains 21 chapters, plus appendices:

1: Bits, Bytes, and Java; 2: Common Program Components; 3: Creating and Using Objects; 4: Defining Classes; 5: Adding Sequential Behavior; 6: Adding Selective Behavior; 7: Adding Repetitive Behavior; 8: Packages and Utility Classes; 9: Arrays and Further Statements; 10: Collection Classes; 11: Exceptions; 12: Input-Output; 13: Interfaces; 14: Class Inheritance; 15: Abstract and Nested Classes; 16: AWT Applications; 17: Swing; 18: Threads; 19: Networking; 20: Applets; 21: Simulation.

Read on for more details.

Key Features

The following are key features of this book:

Source Files

The book is based heavily around the use of practical examples. You can download a Zip file of the sources that accompany it, either via HTTP or via FTP. In either case, save the file to disk. There are numerous free, shareware or commercial Zip programs available to extract the sources.

Instructors: if you have adopted the book for your course, then please feel free to make a local copy of the sources available to your students.

(Date of last source update: 20th June 2002.)


Some instructor's materials are available:

Java Stylistic Conventions

Various stylistic conventions for program layout and class usage that have been taken from the book.

Glossary of Java and Related Terms

A glossary of Java and related terminology, taken from the book.

Corrections to the First Edition

A list of corrections to known errors in the first and second printings is available. I would be pleased to receive details of any others.

Useful Links


I would welcome feedback on any aspect of the material in the book, or on the approach I have taken to introducing Object-Oriented programming and Java. I am particularly interested in the experiences of teachers who have used it to support their courses. You can contact me as d.j.barnes @at@

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