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Applet For Drawing 3 Set Area-Proportional Venn Diagrams

This needs the Java 1.4 or greater plugin: download here

Downloading If you can't get this applet to work in a browser, you can try downloading the jar using this: a link to the applet. Left click this and choose 'Save Target As...' or similar, depending on browser. Once saved to your hard disk, double click the Euler3Applet.jar file and (assuming your java installation is set up suitably) a version of the applet will run.


The applet draws Venn Diagrams with 3 circles. It attempts to make each of the zones (the set intersections) proportional to the population (value) assigned to the zone. Note that, in general, the areas will be approximate, as an ideal solution is generally not possible using circles.

To draw a diagram with your own data, simply type in the data for the zones in the 'population' column, and click the 'Draw Diagram' button, you should map the 3 set names of your data to A, B and C. The population values can be any you like, the program will scale them.

By default the label in each zone is the zone name, followed by the population. You can change this to any label you like by choosing the 'Define Labels' option and typing in the label for each zone in the 'label' column. The 'monochrome' option changes the display to black and white. After any change you should click the 'Draw Diagram' button.

At the moment the only way to use this diagram is to take a screen shot ('Print Screen' key in Windows) and paste the bitmap into a document.

A version of the applet is also hosted at the University of Victoria.

Other Information

The Euler Diagrams Visualization project developed other tools of this sort.

The use of the results of this applet is free for research and non profit use. Contact us for other uses. If you use the results of this applet, we encourage you to reference the paper that describes how it works:

Stirling Chow and Peter Rodgers. Extended Abstract: Constructing Area-Proportional Venn and Euler Diagrams with Three Circles. Presented at Euler Diagrams Workshop 2005. Paris.

Download the paper

Also, if you use this applet, we would like you email us the details. Knowing that it is in use makes the effort of working on it more worthwhile, and we might even be persuaded to improve it.

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Stirling Chow, University of Victoria, Canada
Peter Rodgers, University of Kent, UK (email)