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Rigorous Benchmarking in Reasonable Time
Tomas Kalibera and Richard Jones. ISMM'13

I would be most grateful to receive additions, corrections and URLs of electronically available papers.

The bibliography is available in four formats: BibTeX, PostScript (both compressed), PDF, and as a series of web pages (arranged alphabetically):

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Searching the bibliographic database

You can also search for bibliographic entries. A search pattern is a sequence of words separated by spaces. Each word may be a valid regular expression (that does not contain white space). For example,

Smith Jones
will find any entry containing the words Smith and Jones.
Wall 199[0-3]
will find any publication by Wall published between 1990 and 1993
(and maybe other things, besides).
Blair Cameron|Clegg
will find any publication by Blair and either Cameron, Clegg or both
(assuming that there is any difference :-).
will find any entry containing the word C++. For this reason alone, + is not considered to be an operator.

At the moment it is not possible to specify whether a pattern should be found in the document's title, list of authors, year, etc.

I would also be very grateful to receive comments on how the usefulness of this organisation of the bibliography and, in particular, any suggestions for improvement.

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School of Computing
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