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What is it all about?

  • Firstly thank you to Sally Fincher and Janet Finley for facilitating the Commons group which met regularly between September 2007 and June 2008. Thanks too to all fellow Commoners for the exchanged ideas, thoughts and observations freely given. We have worked together to develop ideas on Context, Content, Instructional Design, Delivery, Assessment and Evaluation in a HCI framework.
  • This website represents the culmination of my interpretations. This has been a personal journey and therefore any errors and omissions are mine, all mine. This journey takes the form of a dialogue and portfolio of 'artefacts' gathered together, hopefully as a coherent whole. The selection of artefacts is not random, they have been chosen with care in the hope that you, the reader, will gain an insight into my practice. Some of the artefacts are tried and tested; others are new and have been included thanks to the kindness of other Commoners.
  • Modules and courses are under continual review; change depends on new research, new ideas or changing emphasis within the university environment. I have tried to showcase a range of ideas and examples - some work well, some need further development and some were successful with a particular cohort of students and not others. This does not mean to say that artefacts should be deleted from my portfolio, rather it means that I should continue to review my practice and evaluate, evaluate, evaluate - oh, and reflect, engage ...
  • Above all I thank my students, both past and present for their knowledge, interest and contributions.