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Keyword reference for case


Question 73 (2004):

This may sound silly but there are no questions about using "CASE", could you please tell me a bit more about it and when it's used please. Thanks.

Answer 73:

The "CASE" construct is much like C and Java's "switch". In occam, "CASE" can be used in three places: as a "switch" on some variable/expression; in tagged protocol definitions; and in tagged protocol input. There are plenty of examples of "CASE" usage -- see the past questions, course notes, the model answer to Q4 (its "keys" process) and this occam tutorial. It would also be neater to use a "CASE" for examining the result of a "compare.string" function, rather than an "IF", in Q6.

Keywords: tagged-protocol , case , q4 , q6

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