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This page provides a keyword index to questions and answers. Clicking on a keyword will take you to a page containing all questions and answers for that keyword, grouped by year.

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Keyword reference for display


Question 78 (2000):

Does anyone know the pages in the course notes or on the web which give examples of graphic representation in occam?

Answer 78:

How to do the graphic animations (textual only) has been explained in your seminar groups. There is nothing in the course notes or the web. There is not much to say! You just need to know how to place the text cursor anywhere on the screen and output text. See the answer to Question 76 (2000) for the basics.

Keywords: display

Question 76 (2000):

I think we've already been told, but where are we meant to find the documentation on all the methods we need for the display process, in order to move the cursor around the screen etc?

Answer 76:

Yes - you have been told! See, on raptor, files:


which is a text file (not an MS-Word document!). The procedures you want are documented at the end of the file, following the comment (fold) line:

    ...  screen stuff (VT220 protocol)

Alternatively, you could browse the full source code:


There's also a simple demo of the cursor.x.y procedure in:


Keywords: q7 , display

Referrers: Question 77 (2000) , Question 78 (2000)

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