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Question 40 (2004):

Can I access kroc and exceed from parkwood ? If yes, how do I access them ?

Answer 40:

Yes, you can do this. It should simply be a case of installing eXceed then launching the "CS Unix Hosts" icon (which is an eXceed session file). You can install eXceed from `\\corfe\install\' or `\\corfe\packages\' (iirc). Failing that ask on the newsgroups; I'm sure lots of people have done this successfully before.

Keywords: unix , exceed


Question 1 (2003):

Hi, When I log into the exceed system, is my login and password the same as the the one I use on public PCs or is it one we need to obtain from the computing service reception?

Answer 1:

No, it's not the same password. There is a single password for Computer Science, but this is different from your Computing Service password. If you don't yet have a Computer *Science* password, visit service reception to get it sorted.

Keywords: exceed


Question 3 (2002):

Is there any information on how to get CS Unix Hosts (eXceed) tool to work on a stand alone PC?

Answer 3:

Presumably, by "stand alone" you don't mean a PC with no network connections at all - but you do mean either (a) a PC is a study-bedroom connected to the campus network or (b) a PC at `home' with some dial-up ISP.

For (a), first go to a public PC and put on your desktop a shortcut to:

  programs -> departmental software -> computer science -> CS unix hosts

You should have that anyway! Then, drag-copy the desktop icon (for the "CS unix hosts" shortcut) to your home directory on raptor (say). Then, from your study-bedroom PC, drag-copy that file (assuming you have your raptor files mapped) to your own PC's desktop. With a bit of luck, double-clicking that icon will fire things up - you will have to have eXceed installed locally, of course.

For (b), it's probably best not to use eXceed and just come in via Putty. Details can be found on:


From Putty, you will not be able to use X-based utilities - like gvim. You will have to use a non-X editor - like vi. If you choose to edit your occam files on your PC, you will need to be able to move files between your home PC and raptor. To do this (from a dial-up ISP), you will need to use WinSCP:


Keywords: exceed

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