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CO538 Anonymous Questions and Answers Keyword Index

This page provides a keyword index to questions and answers. Clicking on a keyword will take you to a page containing all questions and answers for that keyword, grouped by year.

To submit a question, use the anonymous questions page. You may find the keyword index and/or top-level index useful for locating past questions and answers.

Keyword reference for exercises


Question 28 (2004):

I have started to try exercise Q3 and am finding it a little difficult so I wanted to know if there is still material that you are going to cover that helps us with this or should we know enough by now to be getting on with it?

Answer 28:

Yes - we have done enough for you to tackle Q3. What you needed was the ALT or, more specifically, the PRI ALT. In fact, we've now done enough of the language for you to complete Q4 (which is for assessment and for which Q3 is a sub-part) and Q5.

In your seminar groups this week, you are being inrotduced to Q3 and working out how to solve it.

Keywords: exercises

Question 7 (2004):

Is the Question 1 brief located anywhere in the course notes ? I can't seem to find a reference to the rules we need to implement regarding PROCs A & B.

Answer 7:

Yes, it's the last page of the notes (that seems to be loose in many cases). If lost, a copy of the exercises is on raptor: /usr/local/courses/co516/etc/ex-sheet.{ps,pdf}.

The information was also given, rather quickly, at the end of last Friday's (15/10/2004) lecture -- see course slides 4-17 through 4-20. We spent half of this morning's (19/10/2004) lecture also going through these -- and spelling out how to structure your occam program to implement this system. You could not have been at either lecture. Further help and explanation is being given in your terminal classes. If you miss lectures, it is your resposibility to find you what you missed. Same for the classes (except they are compulsory!).

Keywords: exercises

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