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Keyword reference for fast-output


Question 4 (2003):

In question 2 we display the numbers on the screen. Trouble is that the numbers go too fast and end up giving a fatal error. Is their a way, or a command, to show a window's worth and than wait for you to push a button. Also, what output should we be getting from numbers anyway.

Answer 4:

You can pipe the output through "more", e.g.

    ./q2 | more

Hitting the space bar will give you another screenful of output. Pressing `control-c' will interrupt it, but that leaves the terminal in a funny state, with echoing turned off. Type (blind)

    stty sane

to restore sanity.

The fatal error that occurs is usually integer overflow. Don't worry too much about this yet, but in general, it is an important consideration for software systems. Integer overflow in question 2 ought not to happen until a significant number of values have been input. If it overflows early, there's probably a problem with your code/network.

The `numbers' process generates the sequence `0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...', forever. After being sent through `integrate' and your `differentiate', you should get the same sequence (0, 1, 2, 3, ...).

There are executable answers in `/usr/local/courses/co516/answers' on raptor, for all 7 questions.

Keywords: fast-output , q2

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