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Question 1 (2001):

Where can I find the demo_cycles.occ library as mentioned in the q2.occ file?

Answer 1:

Under the "setup information" link from the Co516 web page, there is the encouragement to:

    ... browse around the directories off /usr/local/work/co516 ...
    ... in particular, read all the README files ...

If you do that, you will find the directory /usr/local/work/co516/libsrc, which contains the source codes for everything on the course library supporting this unit. As the README file in that directory says, it contains the files demo_cycles.occ and demo_nets.occ and these contain, respectively, the legoland catalogue studied in the course (slides 5-3 through 5-6) and some sample networks built from that catalogue (slides 5-8 through 5-13).

Note: you can also access these files from a web browser:


or directly from Windows under \\raptor\files\courses\co516\. To make this easy, a link to these files ("occam course files") has been added to the course web page.

Note: to use any of the PROCs or FUNCTIONSs in the libsrc directory, you do not need to copy over any of the files. So long as your program source files contain the line:

   #USE "course.lib"

you can invoke them freely. For some exercises (e.g. question 4), you will need to make some modifications to some of these library PROCs - in which case, you will need to take your own copies and start editing.

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