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CO538 Anonymous Questions and Answers Keyword Index

This page provides a keyword index to questions and answers. Clicking on a keyword will take you to a page containing all questions and answers for that keyword, grouped by year.

To submit a question, use the anonymous questions page. You may find the keyword index and/or top-level index useful for locating past questions and answers.

Keyword reference for graceful-termination


Question 33 (2004):

I was reading the bit about graceful termination in the course notes and understand about sending poison down the line to shut each process down properly. My question is does this mean that we have to change every single component that we use, i.e. `delta', `succ', etc. ?

Answer 33:

Yes, to get processes like `delta' to shut down nicely, modification will be required. However, you're not expected to implement graceful termination for Q4 -- you can do if you like, but it's quite a lot of hard work. Essentially anything that has a `WHILE TRUE' loop needs adjusting in some way -- such loops cannot terminate..

Keywords: q4 , graceful-termination


Question 36 (2002):

Do we need to design the philosopher system to end "gracefully" like in previous assignments?

Answer 36:


Keywords: q7 , graceful-termination

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