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This page provides a keyword index to questions and answers. Clicking on a keyword will take you to a page containing all questions and answers for that keyword, grouped by year.

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Keyword reference for kroc


Question 67 (2004):

I've finished my version of question 6, and sometimes when I run it with the .txt files I get this error in the shell window:

    USERPROC: can't read KBDPROC's go-ahead ''

But then if I run the same .txt file again the error disappears and everything is fine and I get a correct list. Should I worry about this ?

Answer 67:

Is this on raptor's KRoC ? This problem existed years ago, but should have been fixed years ago too -- I can't seem to reproduce it. Please could you mail me (frmb) with the details (kroc version, UNIX version, etc.).

Keywords: kroc

Question 31 (2004):

I'm in the middle of part 2 of Q4 and have run into a problem. When compiling im getting this error:

    Incomplete Program - no entry point.

I have gone as far as deleting everything except the very basic q4 PROC with the same error. Is there something wrong with this code?

    [snip code]

Answer 31:

That looks fairly strange.. I'd suggest checking the source file for stray characters (the occam compiler does not like DOS/windows style line endings).

Failing that, please mail me (frmb@kent.ac.uk) a complete dump of the terminal output (all errors, etc.) and attach the file that causes the problems; from that it should be pretty easy to work out what's wrong. Copy/paste is sufficient for terminal dumps, or use the `script' command (starts a sub-shell and copies input/output to a file called `typescript'; ctrl-D to exit the subshell).

Keywords: kroc

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