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CO538 Anonymous Questions and Answers Keyword Index

This page provides a keyword index to questions and answers. Clicking on a keyword will take you to a page containing all questions and answers for that keyword, grouped by year.

To submit a question, use the anonymous questions page. You may find the keyword index and/or top-level index useful for locating past questions and answers.

Keyword reference for model-answers


Question 6 (2010):

Submission reference: IN1900

Would you mind putting up the model answers q1 and q2 now the deadlines have passed? Thanks.

Answer 6:

These are available on raptor at:


See also:


Keywords: model-answers


Question 148 (2004):

Just curious if you will/have selected any more dining philosopher solutions to add to the raptor answers collection ?

Answer 148:

Possibly -- I've already put one into the KRoC/Linux distribution's set of dining philosophers, but this can't go on raptor because it uses some of the occam-pi extensions (not supported by the version of KRoC installed on raptor). We might put some more in, and put on raptor (if compatible).

Keywords: q7 , model-answers


Question 62 (2003):

Are the solutions to 'q4' and 'q5' going to become available, as they are not available as of yet?

Answer 62:

We will endeavour to make those solutions available this week.

Keywords: model-answers

Question 61 (2003):

When will we have access to the answers for the previous assessment? (q4) I belive viewing this would be useful to help in the new assessment, many thanks.

Answer 61:

I can't immediately see how the solution to Q4 would be useful for Q6, except in that it is working occam code. We'll probably make the solution available this week, however, together with the model-answer to Q5.

The course notes and on-line resources ought to provide sufficient information, in addition to the material discussed in the seminars.

Keywords: model-answers


Question 42 (2002):

Are the answers to previous years exams available to us?

Answer 42:

This question seems to have been asked about most courses. I'm afraid the answer here is still the same - no.

The seminar groups spent most of Lent term working through past exam questions ... where something much more valuable than the answers was made available. If you didn't attend, find people who did and ask for help. Explaining things to others will help them revise as well.

Keywords: exams , model-answers

Referrers: Question 126 (2004)

Question 7 (2002):

Could we get solutions to bugs.occ and q1.occ?

Answer 7:

Model solutions are available on raptor in the course directory:


I've just made bugs.occ readable by everyone. A compiled executable is in the file bugs. The model answer for q1.occ is in the file a1.occ, but this is not yet readable by you. However, its compiled executable, a1, is executable by you. The same is true for model answers to questions 2 through 6.

I'll make a1.occ readable at the end of this week. Executing a1 outputs too fast for you to read - try a1_slow instead (which waits one-tenth of a second between each line of output). I'll make a1_slow.occ readable also at the same time. These programs were not designed to terminate - end them by typing [CTL-C], which instructs unix to kill them.

Keywords: model-answers


Question 3 (2001):

Could we get solutions to bugs.occ and q1.occ?

Answer 3:

OK. I've put a corrected version of bugs.occ in the answers directory in the course files area (see Question 1 (2001)). Some people are still working on q1.occ - I'll put the model answer in the same place later this week (under the name a1.occ).

Keywords: model-answers


Question 84 (2000):

Not really an anonymous question, more an anonymous suggestion!!

I downloaded the answers directory last night to run the example animations at home. Its only after I rebooted to Linux and tried to run it that I realised that the compiled versions are in SPARC format!! My solution - reboot to Windows telnet in, run the animations, make notes, reboot to Linux and do my assignment!

Would it be possible to put up Linux versions of the compiled code when you aren't providing the original source (in the case of assignments before the deadline)?

I know it won't help anyone in our year anymore, but it might help students in the future.

Answer 84:

The fun ones are there! Once you have built the KRoC/Linux release, look in:


and you will find Linux/PC executables q7-nick and q7-fred. What we didn't include, sadly, was a Linux/PC executable for the minimal solution - i.e. the equivalent to a7 on raptor. Yes, we will do that in future. Apologies.

Keywords: demos , model-answers , linux

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