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Keyword reference for parallel-output


Question 75 (2000):

I get a compiler error when I adpated the philosopher's process to accommodate the sending of data when the philosopher does an action. It says that within a PAR scope, I cannot output to the same report channel (to the display process) in parallel branches of the PAR. Which is fair enough. But how can I get past this?

Answer 75:

One way is to put in two report channels from the philosopher and, then, either a separate multiplexor process that merges those two down to one or just take both report channels to the display process (which will get a bigger array of input channels to service).

Better, though, is to get your fork processes to have report channels to the display. Then, don't bother reporting fork acquisitions from the philosopher (which is, I guess is what you were trying to do in parallel - because the fork acquisitions occur in parallel). The forks can report where they are directly on their own report channels.

Keywords: q7 , parallel-output

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