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CO538 Anonymous Questions and Answers Keyword Index

This page provides a keyword index to questions and answers. Clicking on a keyword will take you to a page containing all questions and answers for that keyword, grouped by year.

To submit a question, use the anonymous questions page. You may find the keyword index and/or top-level index useful for locating past questions and answers.

Keyword reference for questions


Question 144 (2004):

What was the point in the Q How many anonymous questions did you ask ? Is it to see how many people use it ?

Answer 144:

Basically yes, and to get some indication of the distribution.

Keywords: questions


Question 28 (2002):

I've noticed that the anonoymous question page hasn't changed for a while now. Is this because no one is asking questions or due to a delay in updating it?

Answer 28:

There have been very few recent questions (Q24..Q27). These answer pages were brought up to date about 7 hours before this question was posted ...

Keywords: questions


Question 4 (2000):

For questions on source code (q*.occ etc) should I be emailing you or the supervisor?

Answer 4:

Mail your supervisor in the first instance - then me or the newsgroup or this anonymous question page.

Keywords: questions , getting-help

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