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Class ChannelOutputWrapper

  extended by org.jcsp.lang.ChannelOutputWrapper
All Implemented Interfaces:
ChannelOutput, Poisonable
Direct Known Subclasses:

Deprecated. There is no longer any need to use this class, after the 1.1 class reorganisation.

public class ChannelOutputWrapper
extends Object
implements ChannelOutput

Defines a wrapper to go around a channel output end. This wrapper allows a channel end to be given away without any risk of the user of that end casting it to a channel input because they cannot gain access to the actual channel end.

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Constructor Summary
ChannelOutputWrapper(ChannelOutput out)
          Deprecated. Creates a new wrapper for the given channel end.
Method Summary
 void poison(int strength)
          Deprecated. This injects poison into the channel.
 void write(Object o)
          Deprecated. Writes a value to the channel.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public ChannelOutputWrapper(ChannelOutput out)
Creates a new wrapper for the given channel end.

out - the existing channel end.
Method Detail


public void write(Object o)
Writes a value to the channel.

Specified by:
write in interface ChannelOutput
o - the value to write.
See Also:


public void poison(int strength)
Description copied from interface: Poisonable
This injects poison into the channel. If the channel was not explicitly constructed to be poisonable or if the strength of poison is not greater than the channel immunity level, the poison will have no effect.

Specified by:
poison in interface Poisonable
strength - the strength of the poison (must be >= 0).

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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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