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Class Guard

  extended by org.jcsp.lang.Guard
Direct Known Subclasses:
AltingBarrier, AltingChannelAccept, AltingChannelInput, AltingChannelInputInt, AltingChannelOutput, AltingChannelOutputInt, AltingConnectionClient, AltingConnectionServer, CSTimer, InlineAlternative, Skip, Stop

public abstract class Guard
extends Object

This is the super-class for all Alternative events selectable by a process.


Guard defines an abstract interface to be implemented by events competing for selection by a process executing an Alternative. Its methods have only package visibility within org.jcsp.lang and are of no concern to users of this package. Currently, JCSP supports channel inputs, accepts, timeouts and skips as guards.

Note: for those familiar with the occam multiprocessing language, classes implementing Guard correspond to process guards for use within ALT constructs.

P.D. Austin, P.H. Welch
See Also:
CSTimer, Skip, AltingChannelInput, AltingChannelInputInt, Alternative

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void schedule(Alternative alt)
          Schedules the process performing the given Alternative to run again.
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Constructor Detail


public Guard()
Method Detail


protected void schedule(Alternative alt)
Schedules the process performing the given Alternative to run again. This is intended for use by advanced users of the library who want to create their own Guards that are not in the org.jcsp.lang package.

alt - The Alternative to schedule

CSP for Java
(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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