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Class RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel

  extended by org.jcsp.lang.RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel
All Implemented Interfaces:

Deprecated. This channel is superceded by the poison mechanisms, please see PoisonException

public class RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel
extends Object
implements RejectableChannel

This implements a one-to-any object channel with user-definable buffering, safe for use by a single writer and many readers. Refer to One2AnyChannel for a description of this behaviour.

Additionally, this channel supports a reject operation. One of the readers may call the reject method to force any current writer to abort with a ChannelDataRejectedException (unless there is already a read which will cause completion of the write). Subsequent read and write attempts will immediately cause a ChannelDataRejectedException.

Quickstone Technologies Limited

Constructor Summary
RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel(ChannelDataStore data)
          Deprecated. Constructs a new RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel
Method Summary
 RejectableChannelInput in()
 RejectableChannelOutput out()
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Constructor Detail


public RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel(ChannelDataStore data)
Constructs a new RejectableBufferedOne2AnyChannel

data - the buffer implementation to use.
Method Detail


public RejectableChannelInput in()
Specified by:
in in interface RejectableChannel


public RejectableChannelOutput out()
Specified by:
out in interface RejectableChannel

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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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