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Class RejectableOne2AnyChannel

  extended by org.jcsp.lang.RejectableOne2AnyChannel
All Implemented Interfaces:

Deprecated. This channel is superceded by the poison mechanisms, please see PoisonException. It remains only because it is used by some of the networking features.

public class RejectableOne2AnyChannel
extends Object
implements RejectableChannel

This implements a one-to-any object channel, safe for use by a single writer and many readers. Refer to One2AnyChannel for a description of this behaviour.

Additionally, this channel supports a reject operation. One of the readers may call the reject method to force any current writer to abort with a ChannelDataRejectedException (unless there is already a read which will cause completion of the write). Subsequent read and write attempts will immediately cause a ChannelDataRejectedException.

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Constructor Summary
          Deprecated. Constructs a new channel.
Method Summary
 RejectableChannelInput in()
 RejectableChannelOutput out()
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Constructor Detail


public RejectableOne2AnyChannel()
Constructs a new channel.

Method Detail


public RejectableChannelInput in()
Specified by:
in in interface RejectableChannel


public RejectableChannelOutput out()
Specified by:
out in interface RejectableChannel

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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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