CSP for Java
(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

Package org.jcsp.net.dynamic

Supports dynamic operations over the JCSP.NET infrastructure.


Interface Summary
InputReconnectionManager Receiving end of a migratable channel.
MigratableChannelInput A migratable networked input channel end.
MigratableChannelOutput A migratable networked channel output end.
NamedMigratableChannelEndFactory Factory interface for creating migratable networked channel input ends using a CNS service.
OutputReconnectionManager Writing end of a migratable channel.

Class Summary
DynamicClassLoader A service implementation for supporting dynamic class transfer at a node.
MigratableAltingChannelInput A migratable input channel end that can be used as a guard within an Alternative.
MigratableChannelEnd Static factory for creating migratable channel ends.
MigratableChannelEndFactory Factory for creating networked migratable channel ends.
NamedMigratableChannelEndFactoryImpl Implementation of the factory for creating named migratable networked channel ends.

Exception Summary
ChannelEndContructionException Thrown when a reconnection mannager is unable to recreate the underlying channel.
ChannelEndNotMoveableException Thrown when a channel end cannot be moved.

Package org.jcsp.net.dynamic Description

Supports dynamic operations over the JCSP.NET infrastructure. These include dynamicoading of classes when objects are sent to a node that does not already hold appropriate definitions and the migration of channel ends between nodes without any loss of data.

This package cannot be compiled or run using JDK1.1.

This package is currently in a beta state and the API may be subject to changes.

CSP for Java
(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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