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History of Major Changes to the Computer Science webpages

Please bring your bookmarks up-to-date with these changes.

Year 2010


The Information Systems Security website is now hosted at (was at The group has been superseded by the new Security Research Group at

Year 2009


Two new research groups have replaced four old ones:

Computational Intelligence Research Group replaces:
Applied and Interdisciplinary Informatics Group,
Cognitive Systems Group
Programming Languages and Systems Research Group replaces:
Systems Architecture Group,
Theoretical Computer Science Group

The web site has undergone a re-style to bring it in line with the University of Kent's web syle.

The Computing Laboratory has been renamed the School of Computing.

Year 2008


The Authorised Academic Java Campus has been superseded by the Sun Centre of Excellence in Object-Oriented Education.

Year 2007


MSc Students registered for the 2006/07 year will find module areas CO803, CO850, CO860 from here.

The undergraduate web site for admissions underwent a major redesign. See Why come to Kent?.

Year 2006


The web site underwent a major restyle. The appearance of the site was updated but the content remained the same apart from the home page and the addition of a postgraduate home page (for recruitment and admissions purposes).

The following areas have moved to the archive

Year 2005

Undergraduate and Postgraduate recruitment literature can now be downloaded in easily printable formats, typically PDF. See .
Reorganisation of the departments research groups resulting in new groups being created and some groups no longer existing. For more information and help with finding lost information, please consult the Reorganisation of the department's research groups document.

Computer Science @ Kent

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