Photos of Ground Crew Life with 92 Squadron RAF

Photographs from the albums of Eric Barnes and Bob Baldry


Italy, 1943-1945

"We have just landed. No lorries so we have to walk. The machines will land. This is our first port in Sicily, the sea is in the background and other boats are coming in."

"Landing in Sicily 1943"

"Sicily July 1943. This is where we had meals. The trees are almonds and the bushes are grape vines. This came very acceptable. Having a meal."

Taranto, Italy



Sep 1943

"A farm house and garden. Italy 1942" (date is wrong for Italy)

Italy 1944

"Merry and I at work outside our tent. Italy 1944"

"Italy. June. Peasants at work in the fields."

"Italian farmer"

Crashed Messerschmitt Bf 110, Italy

German and Italian prisoners

Bellaria, Italy, 1944/45
Personnel include: 'Tiny' Hall, ? Winnit (sp?), Padre, ? Benbow, Eric Barnes and Reg Reed

Italy 1945

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