Photos of Ground Crew Life with 92 Squadron RAF

Photographs from the albums of Eric Barnes and Bob Baldry


North Africa, 1942-1943

Zoran Petek's 8s clip on YouTube of 92 Squadron Spitfires and ground crew in the desert in 1942-43 is interesting to watch.

Hurricane of 80 Squadron (person unknown). Taken while Eric Barnes was on temporary detachment at LG 92 in June-July 1942, pending 92 Squadron becoming operational.

The start of the WD Oct 1942

WD 1942

Tunis 1943

"El Djem. The hedges are huge cactus plants"

WD 1942

WD 1942

Del Al. Oct '42

Heliopolis 1942

"El Al 1942. Minefield. Bag of Mud and Shit"

"Bob's birthday Dec 22nd. Rob's birthday Dec 18th. 'Wont let us be happy'. Let's have a b-good day. With all best wishes. Rob."

Nov 1942, Gambut

Egypt 1942

"Sqdn Leader Wedgewood. Gambut 1942"

Memphis, Egypt 1942

WD 1942

Libya 1942

Stanley Bay, Alexandria 1942

"Tunis May 14th. One of the main streets."

Umaria (?) WD 1942

Eric Barnes back row second left, Bob Baldry front row first left.

Preparing to pitch a tent. Marson Peet with the axe.

Hair cut

Squadron sports

Squadron sports

Air crew

Mail plane (Fairey Gordon)

Mail plane (Fairey Gordon)

Crashed Ju 87

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2/Trop of Uffz. Horst Schlick, JG77 (source David Weiss)

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2/Trop of Hptm. Heinz Bär, JG77. Bir-el-Abd around Nov 1942 (source David Weiss)

German graves

German graves

WD 1942

Egypt 1942

Bob Baldry

Wally Adams, Bob Baldry, Fred G.W. Cumbers

Wally Adams

Bob Baldry, Eric Barnes, unknown

Eric Barnes wearing C/O's cap

Libya 1942

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