Key Dates

5 May 2012

7-10 May 2012
CHI 2012

Practices & Participants

Participant(s) Practice Response to Questions
Jonathan Black, Dominic Furniss, Chrystie Myketiak, Paul Curzon & Peter McOwan Microwave Racing: An Interactive Activity To Enthuse Students About HCI Responses
Duncan P. Brumby, Anna L. Cox, Rose Johnson & Yvonne Rogers Embedding the CHI Student Design Competition into Project-Based Learning Responses
Paul Cairns, Anna L. Cox, Duncan P. Brumby & Harold Thimbleby Teaching HCI students to be researchers Responses
Víctor M. González & Eduardo H. Calvillo Gámez Teaching HCI with a Pinch of Chillie: A Perspective from Mexico
Sandy J. J. Gould, Anna L. Cox & Ann Blandford Using wikis to encourage collaborative writing and learning Responses
Chrystie Myketiak, Paul Curzon, Peter McOwan & Jonathan Black Teaching HCI Through Magic Responses
Beryl Plimmer, Safurah Abdul Jalil, Ian Warren, Robert Amor Considering Visual Aesthetics as a Part of the HCI Curriculum (responses embedded in submission)
Gerrit C. van der Veer, Teresa Consiglio, Laura Benvenuti & Els Rogier Teaching Design by Supporting Contextualized Learning (responses embedded in submission)
Sarah Wiseman, Sandy J. J. Gould, Dominic Funiss & Anna L. Cox Errordiary: Support for Teaching Human Error; Errordiary Worksheet Responses