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Question 6 (2003):

Is it possible to work on occam programs from off campus ? I am using putty to access raptor, but when I type `gvim', an error message is produced:

    (E233: cannot open display)

Are there instructions anywhere to show us how to edit and execute occam programs off campus ?

Answer 6:

Yes, it is possible. There are three sensible ways, more or less:

  1. Use plain `vim' or another editor on raptor. Vim is generally friendlier than vi, but it's more hands-on editing than gvim. Once vim is up and running, you can type in `:help', which'll produce some handy documentation. Follow instructions therein.

    A more basic editor is `pico', and is also installed on raptor.

    Running X apps off raptor at home is possible, but slightly tricky to set-up and often hopelessly slow. ADSL copes reasonably well with gvim, but a dialup won't.

    To use X: you need to start exceed first and then ssh to raptor with putty. In putty itself you must switch "X tunneling" on.

  2. Edit your files at home, then upload them to raptor with a suitable tool. The CS systems group have some good documentation/links on this page. WinSCP in particular. (assuming you're using Windows, of course..!).
  3. If you're a Linux user, download and install KRoC for Linux, or if you're feeling brave, a pre-release of 1.3.3. The installation should be a relatively painless process: More detailed installation instructions can be found on the above web-pages. Once up and running, this document explains (briefly) how to use KRoC/Linux.

Once you've got an edited source file, compile it in the following way:

    raptor$ kroc q2.occ

As before, ignore the warnings about un-used top-level PROC parameters -- don't remove them!

Once successfully compiled, run it with:

    raptor$ ./q2

Refer to Question 4 (2003) for how to control the output.

Keywords: off-campus , putty

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