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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

Class NetAltingConnectionClient

  extended by org.jcsp.lang.Guard
      extended by org.jcsp.lang.AltingConnectionClient
          extended by org.jcsp.lang.AltingConnectionClientImpl
              extended by org.jcsp.net.NetAltingConnectionClient
All Implemented Interfaces:
ConnectionClient, NetConnectionClient, Networked

public class NetAltingConnectionClient
extends AltingConnectionClientImpl
implements NetConnectionClient

Instances of this class are AltingConnectionClient objects which connect to ConnectionServer objects over a JCSP.NET network.

Instances of this class are not guaranteed to be safe to use by muliple concurrent processes. See NetSharedAltingConnectionClient.

Instances can be constructed by using a NetConnectionFactory or by using the NetConnection class.

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Method Summary
 void destroyClient()
          Destroys the client and frees any resources used in the JCSP.NET infrastructure.
 NetChannelLocation getChannelLocation()
          Returns the location of the server.
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claim, isOpen, release, reply, request
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getAltingChannel, pending, setAltingChannel
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isOpen, reply, request

Method Detail


public NetChannelLocation getChannelLocation()
Returns the location of the server.

Specified by:
getChannelLocation in interface Networked
the server's NetChannelLocation object.


public void destroyClient()
Destroys the client and frees any resources used in the JCSP.NET infrastructure.

Specified by:
destroyClient in interface NetConnectionClient

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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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