Euler Diagrams 2004

Brighton, UK

September 22-23


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Workshop Photograph

The papers have now been published as Volume 134 of ENTCS

The Euler Diagrams 2005 Website

This workshop was intended to bring together researchers and users working with Euler diagrams. This is the first workshop in this field and has been organized in response to recent research advances by several groups.

The submission requirement was for 2 page abstracts before the workshop, followed by a full paper of up to 12 pages after the workshop. This was designed to allow contributors to integrate feedback received at the workshop into their final contributions.

We also provided significant time for structured discussions about the current state of the art in Euler diagram research and to debate future research directions.

The workshop was held at the University of Brighton. Brighton is a cosmopolitan and lively seaside city not far from London. For centuries it has been a popular tourist attraction. In modern times it has a youthful bohemian vitality, with a thriving arts and entertainment scene.

The workshop was hosted by the Reasoning with Diagrams project, a joint collaboration between the Visual Modelling Group at Brighton and a team at the Computing Laboratory, University of Kent.

Conference chairs:
Jean Flower, Peter Rodgers.

Programme Committee
Manuel Barrio, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
Florence Benoy, University of Kent, UK
Rosario De Chiara, Universitŕ degli Studi di Salerno, Italy
Jean Flower, Autodesk, UK
John Howse, University of Brighton, UK
Peter Rodgers, University of Kent, UK
Frank Ruskey, University of Victoria, Canada
Gem Stapleton, University of Brighton, UK
Nik Swoboda, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Marie-Luce Viaud, INA, France
Anne Verroust, INRIA, France


Important Dates:
22 and 23 September 2004 Conference days
04 Feburary 2005 Final versions due