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Click here to see photo of a poster session at Helsinki
( Photo courtesy of Ching-Kuang Shene)

Posters Sessions:

Session 1: 10.00-10.45 Monday 25th June

  • Are Computing Educators and Researchers Different from the Rest?
    Tony Clear, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Alison Young, School of Information Systems and Computing, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Innovative Teaching Practices in Computing Education: The TLA Project
    Jan Holden, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand, and Alison Young, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Motivation = Value x Expectancy
    Tony Jenkins, University of Leeds, UK
  • Picturing Program Execution
    Janet Linington and Mark Dixon, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
  • The Learning and Teaching Support Network Promoting Best Practice in the Information and Computer Science Academic Community
    Aine McCaughey and Sylvia Alexander, LTSN-ICS, UK
  • Gender Differences in Programming?
    Janet Carter, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK and Tony Jenkins, University of Leeds, UK

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Session 2: 15.00-15.45 Monday 25th June

  • Using Interactive Multimedia for Teaching and Learning Object Oriented Software Design
    Sun-Hea Choi and Sandra Cairncross, Napier University, Scotland
  • JEWL: GUI programming for complete beginners
    John English, University of Brighton, UK
  • The PASS Project: Group Research into Parameters Affecting Student Success
    Donald Joyce and Alison Young, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
  • The Coach Supporting Students as they Learn to Program
    Pete Thomas, Open University, UK
  • The ICT-Ed Project: Mini-conferences as a data source
    Judy Sheard, Angela Carbone, Monash University, Australia

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Session 3: 10.00-10.45 Tuesday 26th June

  • CIMEL: Constructive, Collaborative Inquiry-based Multimedia E-Learning
    Glenn David Blank, William M Pottenger, G. Drew Kessler, Martin Herr, Harriet Jaffe, Soma Roy, Bethlehem PA, USA
  • An International Model for Curriculum Adaptation and Implementation
    Comfort Fay Cover, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Robert D. Campbell, Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL, Karl J. Klee, Alfred State College, Alfred, NY
  • Matrix - Concept Animation and Algorithm Simulation System
    Ari Korhonen, Lauri Malmi and Riku Saikkonen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
  • Software Process Improvement Education: A European Experiment
    Rory O'Connor, Dublin City University, Ireland, Gerry Coleman, Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Ireland, Maurizio Morisio, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • International Master's Program in Information Processing and Telecommunications
    Jan Voracek and Nina Kontro-Vesivalo, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

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Session 4: 10.00-10.45 Wednesday 27th June

  • Web-based CALL using Prolog
    Aliy Fowler, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
  • Electronic Discussion Boards: Their Use in postgraduate Computing Courses
    Donald Joyce and Alison Young, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand
  • XML and Browser Development Activities in CS2
    Martha J. Kosa and Mark A. Boshart, Tennessee Technological University, USA
  • e-IMC: an Authoring Tool for Humanistic Teachers Aimed to Develop and Distribute Customised Instructional Courseware
    David Lanari and Stefano Roccetti, University of Perugia, Italy
  • Events Robots and Programming using Legos in CS1
    Pamela Lawhead, the University of Mississippi, USA
  • A "Frequently Asked Questions" Management System that Supports Voting, Built for Student Evaluation and Optimization Purposes
    Huu Le Van, Andrea Trentini, Universita' di Milano Bicocca, Milan, Italy

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Session 5: 15.00-15.45 Wednesday 27th June

  • The Logic Tutor
    David Abraham, Liz Crawford, Leanna Lesta, Agathe Merceron and Kalina Yacef, Basser, University of Sydney
  • Real and Virtual Computing Museums
    John Impagliazzo, Computer Science, Hofstra University, USA
  • On Integration of Learning and Technology
    Zoran Putnik, University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
  • Smart Instructional Component Based Course Content Organization and Delivery
    Hongchi Shi, Yi Shang, and Su-Shing Chen, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
  • Evaluation Technique of Software Configuration Management
    Jin Xizhe, Chungnam National university, Republic of Korea

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