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Please note that some tutorials have been cancelled

Tutorial Titles, Time, Location, and Presenters:

Sunday, 24 June

1. The Life and Times of a Mouse Click

Time and Place: half day, 13:30-17:00 in CCo2, Computing Laboratory

People: Timothy Fossum & Stuart Hansen (University of Wisconsin, Parkside)

Event driven programming is emerging as a dominant software paradigm. In this workshop we introduce a comprehensive model for events. We apply this model to the processing of a mouse click, from its inception at the hardware level, through the various software layers, ending at application code. At each layer, we will illuminate event handling by example and participant coding.

2. Java Power Tools: Rapid GUI Development for Freshman Students

Time and Place: half day, 13:30-17:00 in Grimond Lecture Theatre 1

People: Richard Rasala, Viera K. Proulx & Jeff Raab (Northeastern University)

The Java Power Tools is a Java toolkit designed to enable students to rapidly develop graphical user interfaces in freshman computer science programming projects. Because it is simple to create GUIs using JPT, students can focus on fundamental issues of computer science rather than on widget management. The workshop will demonstrate the design and use of the Java Power Tools.

Cancelled Web-based Collaborative Projects: Walking through the Experience

Half day

People: Gerald L. Boerner, Carol Stoker (Azusa Pacific University)

This tutorial explores the use of web-based group collaboration to develop a structured project report (a web site) appropriate to most non-programming computer science courses. Recommendations for adapting these techniques to individual courses are explored by "walking through" the collaboration process and reporting model. Implications for the teaching-learning process are examined.

Thursday, 28 June

4. Teaching Introductory Object-Oriented Programming with Java -- Dangers, Traps, and a Road Map

Time and Place, full day, 9:00-17:00 (with an hour's break at 12:30 for lunch) in COLT2, Computing Laboratory

People: Michael E. Caspersen (University of Aarhus); Michael Kölling & John Rosenberg (Monash University)

The workshop will identify and discuss the most common problems of introductory OO teaching in general and Java in particular. We will suggest solutions and provide many examples of teaching techniques, exercises and problems that may be used in an introductory Java course. Two software tools, BlueJ and the Turtle package, will be discussed in detail to support the presenters' approach.

Cancelled Developing Online, Web-based Support Materials: A Hands-on Experience

Full day

People: Gerald L. Boerner(Azusa Pacific University)

This tutorial explores the use of "free" web-based delivery systems (like Blackboard.com) and how current instructional materials can be adapted to the online format. Specific attention will be paid to word processing documents, but presentations, video, database, and other types of content are covered as well. Participants should bring a course syllabus to be used as sample documents.

Cancelled Teaching Computer Networking Principles Using Simulation

Half day

People: Chris McDonald (The University of Western Australia)

This tutorial will show that the practical aspects of computer networking can best be demonstrated and examined through the use of interactive simulation. The tutorial is based on our use of network simulation for the last ten years in undergraduate courses of over a hundred students each year, in which we have successfully demonstrated checksum algorithms, different data-link protocols, fragmentation methods, routing algorithms, encryption and compression algorithms.





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