Working group presentations

The Working Group reporting session takes place on the Monday afternoon; this allows Working Groups time to incorporate ideas and address issues raised at the session. In keeping with previous years, we recommend that Working Group members who are not presenting sit in the audience and are available for questions during and after the session (this is, after all, a main aspect of why this session type exists at all!).

The session has a length of 90 minutes; this means that each group will have 20 minutes.  If you are planning on using your own laptop for the presentation, it would be best if you made sure that it is fully charged before your presentation. Please bear in mind that the data projector will have a VGA connector, so if your machine uses a different output (e.g., DVI or Mac DisplayPort), you should bring your adapter with you (and remember notto leave it behind). The lecture theater for the session does have a PC running standard Microsoft presentation software, so that attendees can use our hardware to present their materials and will not be forced to bring laptops with them.