Miranda System Manual    © Research Software Limited 1985-9

 1. An Overview of Miranda (paper)               20. Algebraic types
 2. About the name "Miranda"21. Abstract types
 3. About this release22. Empty types
 4. The Miranda command interpreter23. The special function show
 5. Brief summary of main commands24. Formal syntax of Miranda scripts
 6. List of remaining commands25. Comments on syntax
 7. Expressions26. Miranda lexical syntax
 8. Operators27. The library mechanism
 9. Operator sections28. The standard environment
10. Identifiers29. Literate scripts
11. Literals30. Some hints on Miranda style
12. Tokenisation and layout31. UNIX/Miranda system interface
13. Iterative expressions32. -->> CHANGES <<--
14. Scripts, overview33. Licensing information
15. Definitions34. Bug reports
16. Pattern matching35. Notice
17. Compiler directives
18. Basic type structure back to Miranda™ homepage
19. Type synonyms