Photos of Ground Crew Life with 92 Squadron RAF

Photographs from the albums of Eric Barnes and Bob Baldry and contributions of others

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Derrick Armstrong

I am grateful to Andy McAfee for sending photos from his grandfather's collection. Derrick Armstrong, Sgt 575850, enlisted 24/01/1939 (aged 15 years, 10 months, 28 days) V/R, Regular from 05/10/1940 (aged 17 years, 7 months, 8 days), discharged 13/06/1953(aged 30 years, 3 months, 17 days). He was an engine fitter (Fitt II E) and a remustered to (Fitt II S) in 1951, having continued post WWII in the RAF until 1953. He came from Irvinestown, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, to where he returned raising a family and working in his local Post Office and at a local car dealership, he kept a workshop at his house where he could continue to work with his hands and was a member of the local Masonic lodge. He passed away from cancer on 16th January 1985. He was survived by his wife Valarie and their two daughters.






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