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Lehane, A. and Tripp, G. (2007). Detecting Suspicious Intrusions into Next-Generation Networks. Agilent Measurement Journal:58-63.
Tripp, G. (2007). Regular expression matching with input compression: a hardware design for use within network intrusion detection systems. Journal in Computer Virology [Online] 3:125-134. Available at:
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Tripp, G. (2010). Regular expression matching using associative memory. Available at:
Tripp, G. (2008). Regular expression matching with input compression and next state prediction. UKC.
Tripp, G. (2004). An Intrusion Detection System for Gigabit Networks -Architecture and an example system. University of Kent.
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Tripp, G. (1999). Real Time Network Traffic Monitoring.
Tripp, G. (1999). Network Traffic Monitoring - an architecture using associative processing.
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Tripp, G. (1992). A Video Control Processor. University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.
Conference or workshop item
Tripp, G. (2005). A Finite-State-Machine based string matching system for Intrusion Detection on High-Speed Networks. in: Turner, P. and Broucek, V. eds. 14th Annual EICAR Conference. pp. 26-40.
Linington, P. and Tripp, G. (2000). Two-point ATM Switching System Measurements. in: Kouvatsos, D. D. ed. Technical Proceedings, Eighth IFIP Workshop on Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM and IP Networks (ATM and IP 2000). Networks UK.
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