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RT3 Scripts

I've written the following two scripts to for RT3. They deal with escalation of priorities and email reminders about open tickets. They may, or may not, be of use to other people.

Now updated for RT 3.4.x.

Currently running on RT 3.6.x with no problems.


This script sends reminders to ticket owners about tickets that are still open (or new) when they have exceeded a given priority. It can also be used for sending summary emails of outstanding tickets. It is intended to be used with the script below to escalate priorites. For more useful information and configuration take a look at the top of the script.

download rt-remind


This script is just a slightly tweaked version of the RT2 script to do the same job. It escalates priorities over time. We use it without setting a due date so the priority increases by one daily.

download rt-escalate


This script simply counts new and resolved tickets between when you run it and when you last ran it. We run it weekly to give a summary of how many tickets have been handled for our managers.

download rt-count


This script automatically resolves tickets in the autoclose status after a given period of time. We use it to allow us to mark the ticket as complete (for statistical purposes), but without sending a brash resolved message straight away.

This also required adding the autoclose status, which is (in 3.6 anyway) as simple as adding:

@ActiveStatus = qw(new open stalled autoclose);

to the

download rt-autoclose


Note: on RT 3.6.x these don't properly use the CSS, but they do work.

We use a set of Callbacks to enchance the functionality of rt3. They don't do anything overly exciting - here's a summary:

  • Highlight the "new" status using colour.
  • Highlight the "Nobody" owner using colour.
  • Highlight the current user using colour.
  • Use colour to make higher priority tickets stand out.
  • Add saved searches to the left hand menu bar.
  • Add new options to the list at the top of a ticket to delete and stall tickets.

The tarball below should be extracted in to <rtdir>/local/html.

download Callbacks.tar.gz

Tim Bishop, July 2006.

School of Computing, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF

Enquiries: +44 (0)1227 824180 or contact us.

Last Updated: 09/07/2009