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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

Class ProcessInterruptedException

  extended by java.lang.Throwable
      extended by java.lang.Error
          extended by org.jcsp.lang.ProcessInterruptedException
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ProcessInterruptedException
extends Error

This is thrown if a process is interrupted whilst blocked during synchronisation - processes should never be interrupted.


This is caused by accessing the Java thread executing a JCSP process and invoking its java.lang.Thread.interrupt() method. If this is done to a process blocked on a JCSP synchronisation primitive (such as a channel communication or timeout), the process will wake up prematurely -- invalidating the semantics of that primitive. The wake up is intercepted and this Error is thrown.

Some browsers, when shutting down an applet, may do this to processes spawned by an ActiveApplet that have not died naturally. Alternatively, this may be raised by processes stopped prematurely as a result of a call to Parallel.destroy, or by calling stop on the ProcessManager responsible for the process (or network).

P.H. Welch
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Constructor Summary
ProcessInterruptedException(String s)
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public ProcessInterruptedException(String s)

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(JCSP) 1.1-rc4

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